The Bumpy Road to Empowerment

Often, empowerment is associated with being loud, outspoken, unflinching, tough and „marching“ with a tribe who shares our opinion. But empowerment doesn’t always look confident, sexy and boss-bitch.

In my experience, empowerment can also be: Private. Quiet. Lonely. Clumsy.

A bumpy process that can take a long time before it becomes visible. Before we feel courageous enough to share it with the world. Empowerment can feel and look vulnerable. It can mean doing or saying things that makes others squirm with discomfort. Because it often tackles taboos and scratches at rusty beliefs and narratives. How does it feel to surrender to what’s alive in your body? Welcoming it without judgement? Is it uncomfortable to express it? Empowerment requires less assuming and more close listening to the experiences others are sharing with us.

Empowerment is not revenge and attack – it’s creating from a place of inspiration and connection.

On our way to more juiciness, pleasure and flow, empowerment also means facing and unlearning shame we carry in our bodies. Of course, I find it empowering to „march“ with my tribe and – I still want to hear your whys when we disagree. I want to be courageous enough to stand by my values & opinions – even if they aren’t the „trendy“ ones. Even if there’s no tribe who has my back.

I don’t want to hear all the things you’re against – I’m curious to learn what it is you stand for, what it is that you want to create!

To me, empowerment is not some heady, fixed & self-righteous affair. It’s an open, embodied & ongoing process. And if we can agree on that, I’m happy to journey together.

Author: Kate Weyerer

Photo: Elisabeth Mochner